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The reason is that the anode connections sit up at the highest voltage in the amp and usually north of 400 volts. If you put easy access pins on the amp chassis, it is inviting you to have a shocking experience if you accidentally touch the pins. The bias measuring resistor in the cathode is safe and sits at a few volts. Calculate Plate Dissipation Based On Plate Voltage And Cathode Current Readings. In these calculations, 5% of the cathode current is assumed to be screen current. This calculator is for a single tube. Plate voltage DC voltage measured between plate and cathode. (Actual Plate Voltage) Example: Octal - pins 3 and 8 9 pin - pins 7 and 3

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Ok, so I read up Dynaco's 'Using KT88 tubes in the Mark II' (thank you Gary Kaufman) and according to them it was a plug and play swap job - IF the bias voltage could be cranked up (down?) to -55VDC. The Mark II needed a resistor swapped and some caps to get the lower voltage. YarLand PRO88SE Class A KT88 Vacuum tube Integrated Amplifier [XSHN31001503] ... bias Voltage State: Regular Bias rated Full - Power Bandwidth: 4/8ohms - 15Hz-70kHz ...

Oct 24, 2015 · Having the resistor on only one tube will affect the bias - a very tiny amount. Not enough to worry about. Mouser is a good online source for those resistors and lots of other electronic parts and goodies. Using a cathode resistor for bias will give you a slightly higher reading than a bias probe, BTW. Jan 20, 2019 · 2 how to test bias B+ filament voltage with multimeter, KT88 tube amplifier, fixed bias ultra linear ... 300B 2A3 KT88 SE tube amplifier, ... Analog Meter For The Vacuum Tube Bias Probe - Duration

KT88 and 6550 are almost same charactor so you can use each other same amplifier. but some bias adj.KT88 are not same sound getting if Maker is different.please try it's. Any Penthodo grid bias are less than Triodo's bias so please try to use any kind of driver. I am assuming this is a fixed bias circuit? Can you provide a schematic as modified? Do you know how to measure voltage on the tube and bias? We can then work out the op point to ensure it is where it is suppose to be. The other thing to try is put the older KT88s in, say your Svet (or JJs) KT88s and see if they work out ok.

Repeating with 50w leads to a plate-to-cathode voltage of 521v at 1.15v from TP1 to TP2 (cathodes to ground). You can estimate the dissipation rating of the tubes used originally by adjusting the bias pot to yield the correct voltage across TP1 & TP2, and measuring voltage from plate to TP1.

So your if your B+ is 390v and you're shooting for about 70mA bias current, then at around 40v Eg (and assuming about 10v drop in the transformer primary) then you operational bias voltage should be 390-40-10=340v. So this is your bias voltage. The AC voltage will oscillate about this point along the load line. Non-Adjustable Fixed Bias: This category can be the most labour intensive when it comes to setting the correct bias. They use a fixed resistor soldered into the amp to set the bias and for the most part, can be used with a wide variety of tubes that have the same operating characteristics as the ones being replaced.

Svetlana SV6L6GC High Performance Audio Beam Power Tetrode he Svetlana SV6L6GC is a glass envelope beam-power tetrode intended for high-power audio amplifier service. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provide improved reliability and superior sonic performance. The The size of C2 does not affect the final bias voltage, only the ripple and charging time –anything from 10u to 47u is typical. Notice that this charging path includes the HT load represented by R3. This means that before the valves have warmed up, there will be no bias voltage present unless you have a bleeder resistor across the HT. The KT88 audio tube is considered to be one of the best sounding power tubes for hifi tube audio amplifiers. In general, the KT88 tube has a magical mid-range similar to the smaller EL34 tube, but with low and high end extremes that reach much further. KT88 and 6550 are almost same charactor so you can use each other same amplifier. but some bias adj.KT88 are not same sound getting if Maker is different.please try it's. Any Penthodo grid bias are less than Triodo's bias so please try to use any kind of driver.

The KT88-Shuguang has an absolute maximum anode dissipation rating of 50W and is designed for use in the output stage of an a.f. amplifier. Two tubes in Class AB1 give a continuous output of up to 120W. The KT88 is also suitable for use as a series tube in a stabilised power supply. HEATER V h Use this calculator to determine the bias current for an amplifier’s power tubes. Enter the plate voltage and type of power tubes to get the bias current at various levels of plate dissipation. Ok, I know this is a vague question and their will be many answers, however, based upon the newer versions of the Gold Lion KT88's and others KT88 tubes such as from EH vs. the current 6550 tubes, which ones appear to give the best bass and best overall dynamic range?

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